Welcome To Dental Korner!

corona virus update**

Note to our patients and community:


We are continuing our operations or regular dental visits as well as accepting Emergency Patients that need dental care. 

Dental Korner, its dentists and staff, remains committed to the highest standard of care and continues to monitor our current COVID-19 health emergency. New York State, Nassau County and NYC recommendations will be followed closely. As of today we remain open and grateful for a scheduling style that characterizes us and provides minimum wait time and cross patient interaction in social areas of our office/waiting room.

We are conducting phone health screenings prior to scheduling appointments per CDC recommendations, which include travel and clinical symptom history. Please be prepared to help us by answering a few questions when you call to schedule an appointment.

We are confident that by working together we will emerge on the other side of this unprecedented time in our Country’s history, not only stronger but healthier.

Stay healthy and wash your hands New York!


Mission statement & promise

Our mission statement

Our mission at Dental Korner is to provide comprehensive and exceptional dental treatment  to our community in a relaxed and fun atmosphere, focusing on excellent results that we stand behind while maintaining top notch service and patient care.

Our promise to our patients

We will:

  • Be honest and fully transparent
  • Be on time
  • Teach, educate and advise
  • Have open dialog about all options
  • Speak and explain clearly
  • Provide excellent treatment
  • Stand behind our treatment
  • Discuss all fees prior to treatment
  • Perform modern and updated dentistry
  • Follow up after treatments
  • Keep an open door
  • Offer convenient hours
  • And most of all, always offer water, coffee and phone chargers :)


Emergency Dentist

Cosmetic Dentistry

General Dentistry

Open at Convenient Times

Modern, Digital, and Efficient Practice

For All Dental Emergencies


Emergency and Cosmetic Dentistry

 Dental Korner is your emergency dentist, open at all convenient hours. We are open early in the mornings, in the evenings, and on weekends too. Reach out to us for any of your common dental emergencies, such as mouth injuries, knocked-out teeth, sports-related injuries, dental pain, and other uncommon emergencies such as a dental crown or a dental cap falling out and needing recementation. Depending on the severity of the injury, you can either call us or visit us during the usual business hours. Our cosmetic dentistry will make the customer look better than what they used to be.  


Personalized and Customized, Gentle and Comprehensive Treatment

 Dental Korner offers comprehensive dental treatment. We provide modern, digital, and efficient service to our customers. Our comprehensive treatment is both personalized and customized to the individual’s needs. Our patients are as dear as friends to us, so you can rest assured that you will be well taken care of. We offer consultations and second opinions that are clear and truthful. We explain dental conditions and relevant treatment options. We take pride in our ethics, service, and results.. 


Calm and Comfortable Environment

We provide safe dental treatment and services in a calm and comfortable environment. We treat our patients as if they are our close friends, providing them a convenient, friendly, and welcoming dental home-of-sorts , an anxiety-free zone where they can feel relaxed. Trust us with the safest and most effective of dental treatments. Our testimonials are proof enough!  


Ashley M.

Ashley M.

Ashley M.

Dr. David Kroner is an amazing doctor. He is a great Doctor because he listens to the needs of his patients. He explains everything to you and with such poise and ease, and his work is thorough but comforting. He is always checking in to make sure you are okay, and is determined to provide exceptional customer service. I am not a fan a root canals but should I ever need one, he's number on my list. The discomfort and the anxiety disappear once you sit in his chair. Let him know what you need and he will deliver.

Jinny P.

Ashley M.

Ashley M.

I haven't been there personally to see him yet, but after extensive research I chose him for my mother and I'm glad I did. I have never heard her give so many compliments about a doctor. She does not give compliments, ever. Light touch, knowledgeable, caring, and amazing bed (chair?)-side manner. Probably the best dentist in NYC. 

Ariel N.

Ashley M.

Ariel N.

The best experience ever. I didnt feel a thing. He was professional. My out of pocket will be a lot less than the other dentist offices that ive been to. He was completely honest and told me what i needed done and what i really didnt need. The other offices ive been to gave me a list. He has a patient for life.

Erika P.

Melissa L.

Ariel N.

Time and time again exceptional service. I was seen quickly for my appointment with zero wait time in reception. His office is always spotless. I continue refer Dr. Kroner to my friends and colleagues. If you don’t have Dr. Kroner for your Dentist your missing out.  

Laura S.

Melissa L.

Melissa L.

I never enjoyed going to the dentist, but Dr.kronner changed that feeling for me. He was so gentle with my tooth that I was able to close my eyes and relax. My tooth was in bad condition & it took 2 hours to fix. I felt no pain during or after the procedure. I DEFINITELY RECOMMEND HIM TO THE WORLD.  

Melissa L.

Melissa L.

Melissa L.

I love this Dentist! He's thorough, discusses options prior to any dental work, fantastic results and I fall asleep in the chair EVERY TIME!  

Angie Z.

A DENTIST WHO KNOWS HIS STUFF! I have a history of passing out at the dentist because of bad experiences in the past. I needed a root canal and searched like crazy to find a painless dentist, you'd be surprise how difficult that is the find. From the moment I called until I left the chair, I knew I finally found my new dentist. Dr. Kroner's bedside manner is incredible and he takes his time to explain everything. His Assistant was great in helping to understand what my insurance covered which is always a pain. I only write reviews IF I am beyond please and I needed to write this! Seriously, look no further. Whatever your issue is, you won't be disappointed, you'll honestly leave with a smile, even AFTER a root canal!